Here I Stand

Long before Tameka Foster Raymond was known for her high profile marriage, the drama, and subsequent divorce, she lived a vibrant off-screen life of her own, working as a self-made, highly accomplished, fashion coutiere who helped to curate the images of many of today’s award-winning entertainers.

In this honest, sincere, witty, and at times gut-wrenching memoir Tameka shares her story for the first time. She opens up about her early years growing up in Oakland, her childhood influences, and losing her first love while never losing decorum, dignity, or the ability to dream. In her own words, she details nearly dying, and later coping with the utmost heartbreak of losing her 11-year-old son, Kile. Tameka takes readers on this deeply personal journey to illustrate that everything you need to navigate life already lies within you.

Here I Stand is a book about growth and renewal. Perseverance through self-reflection and optimism. And ultimately, it’s about making the conscious effort to remain in a “beautiful state”.

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